Custom Modern Quilts


When we collaborate on a quilt, you will receive a 'traditional' quilt with a modern vision.  When I say traditional quilt, I mean, three layers of high quality, 100% cotton fabrics: quilt top, batting and backing, then, bound together for a lifetime’s worth of use.  Whether adorning a wall, your favorite piece of furniture, or your favorite person, you can be sure this quilt is the warmth your home has been without.  My turnaround time depends on the complexity of the design chosen, size of piece and other works in the queue.  



Surface Design

We will work together to set parameters and achieve a custom textile piece for your home or craft.

I use natural fibers: cotton, linens and rayon blends for dyeing, printing and painting one-of-a-kind designs.  The inks I use for screen printing are water-based with added pigments, then heat- set for permanence.  Procion dyes are used for dyeing and painting.  I also have a large collection of textile paints for adding details and layers.

Prices will vary depending on size of piece, number of colors used and complexity of design service.

kirk chambers photography

kirk chambers photography

“As a designer, it is so fun to send Melissa the scheme for a room.  She then sends me fabric stories to choose from.  Her fabric selections and quilt  designs are always a beautiful compliment to our designs.  Not to mention the craftsmanship is always impeccable.  Whether hanging on a wall, adorning a bed or thrown on a chair, her pieces are always a perfect finishing touch to the room.”

Amy Luff of Vivaluxe Studios